Media Agency: Expectation v/s Reality

Expectations we really look at Media Agency to help Companies to grow Brand with definite results and Reality that Media Agency delivers to its brands.

We expect a lot of things in our daily lives. But that does not mean all expectations are fulfilled. The same case is with digital marketing.

Many companies do expect a lot from digital marketing and the result doesn’t turn out to be the same.

It’s not because digital marketing is ineffective but because they don’t have the appropriate expectations when working with digital marketing.

There is a lot of difference between expectation and Reality. While dealing in digital marketing, you need to understand the base Reality and what exactly you can expect.

In this blog, we will see some expectations that marketers have from Digital Marketing and what exactly is the Reality.


  1. EXPECTATION: Proposal and Strategy

REALITY: You should expect to receive some form of value upfront before you invest in their services.

When you are initially engaging into Digital Media Agency. You should always look for some form of outlook of your value which you invest in your services.

This can take different forms such as:

Proposals: The Agency you are looking at must prepare a display for a strategy and execution and the process they follow to execute the Strategy they made.

Test Project: You must make sure the Strategy being used by agency will give you the best results.

Audit: The Agency you hire must use some tool to identify the result so that we can make a audit of the results we get.


  1. EXPECTATION: Niche Specialty

REALITY: An Agency must have an experience with other clients according to their specific needs and market you operate in.

 Market: There is distinctive Market, so we need different strategy to get maximum output. We need different content strategy, Marketing Channels to approach to distinctive market.

Marketing Channel: Your Digital Media Agency must have some experience in past to take a firm decision on which marketing channel can suit best for your market and how to approach your target Market.


  1. EXPECTATIONS: Cost Expectations

REALITY: If you think that just having a digital marketing strategy is enough, then it’s not going to be enough.

 In spite of association, offshoring is not for saving costs. By choosing the best agency you will have to pay copiously for virtuosity. Sometimes many of agency serves the same work at markdown price, but the reason we have to pay more that we pay more for their more expertise and experience.

You must be thinking why don’t we hire an employee it will be cost saving, but we should also compare pricing for hiring an expert in that field and Hiring an Agency who already have a setup and expertise.


  1. EXPECTATIONS: Project Scope

REALITY: Understanding the Scope of work

Repeatedly, organizations enroll with agency without knowing what they want.We should always communicate with agency of what is there scope of work.

We want to account:

  • Timeline: We should think of alliance with agency, like it will be Short Contract base or long-time ongoing partner.
  • Evolving Needs: We need marketing agency to do branding, but after some gap we got need for Leads. For that, we must be ready to map in to our needs and count for project scope.
  • Budget: Complicated and lengthy devise can cost for more cost; you must have an idea of how far we can extend our cost.


  1. EXPECTATIONS: Result Projection

REALITY: Getting results for your business is the ultimate goal

We should always have a realistic perspective of what success looks like.

  • Testing Phase: There will be some span for adapting and testing to have perfect tempo in the start.
  • Failure Management: The best Media agency can fail due to some instance that comes which are out of their control. You must be ready to feel some failure while hiring a Media Agency.
  • Quantified Results: In Marketing the agency have to run some tests so that they can give perfect analysis of results.
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  1. EXPECTATIONS: Media Agency Generates Much Better ROI

REALITY: Only When You Really Know What You’re Doing

Many of times organizations depend on agency to increase their ROI. So, if agency you are hiring have less expertise and experience and they don’t know how to make out of campaign, organizations may don’t able to generate better ROI.

But if Organizations hires agency with great expertise and experience, they may get much better ROI. The agency with high expertise and experience has the ability to analyze the campaign results and make changes to get most out of campaign.


  1. EXPECTATIONS: Let’s Try This for a Month and See Where We End Up” = No Risk

REALITY: You Should Never “Test Drive” Digital Marketing

It takes time, strategy, dedication, and going back to the drawing board multiple times to achieve real results. And while it might make sense to run time-sensitive paid media campaigns, you should give campaigns at least a month and a half (we recommend three or more) to perform. It might seem like a good idea to “test” for a given time, but in Reality, you should “test” your campaigns at least weekly.

Try optimizing for success by targeting more audience similar to those who converted. Additionally, tweak your bids, your modifiers, and devices. You can also learn a lot from your Google Analytics and try to glean what your web tracking shows about how your paid media is functioning. Are people bouncing from your site after clicking an ad? It’s possible the ad is not relevant–or they’re the wrong type of audience. Hence, you need to ensure your expectations vs reality are in alignment.


  1. EXPECTATIONS: Expanding Brand Awareness = Conversion Increase

REALITY: Only If You’re Optimizing for Conversions

 For quite some time, many digital marketers have believed in a “spray-and-pray” approach to using display marketing tactics. Basically, if you cast the widest net, you’ll catch the most fish out of anybody, right? This logic seems to make sense at first. But what current best practices teach us is that brand awareness doesn’t really mean anything unless you a) know your best-fit audience and b) drive them to convert.

In reality, casting a wide net with display is really expensive. And if you don’t have the right cost-of-sales, cost-per-acquisition, or return on ad spend metrics set up, you run a major risk of not hitting your ROI. Bottom line: do your homework. Cast a good-size net to your ideal potential customers. And stop at nothing to reel them in and make them convert.


  1. EXPECTATIONS: Media Agency is only for big companies

REALITY: Doesn’t matter big or small.

 If you are running a business and providing products or services, you need to be online. Once your business is online, digital marketing is very essential for your business.

If anyone is interested in your product or service, the first thing he will do is, look for you online and gather more information.

Now the time has changed and having an offline-only business, is the tale of the past.

The reality is digital marketing is for everyone – big, small, start-up, old business anything.



REALITY: Sometimes it can be difficult to find out the great ideas for your digital marketing campaign.

Digital marketing experts always try to get interesting and fresh ideas for your business.

It’s important for your business to think outside the box. Innovative ideas with your marketing campaigns can attract new customers for your business.

It can be difficult to give time to get some innovative strategies while you are trying to establish or run your business.

That’s why there are many people who rely on a professional digital marketing company to study the market.

Digital Marketing is all about experimenting.