Target Audience- asset for marketers

I was raising question about their Target Audience to one of our Client for marketing their product. The Client was like What is Target Audience?


So Today, we will dive in to find the answer on Target Audience.


Elucidating Target Audience

A Target Audience is a group of buyers where we portray them by companies or businesses upon their behavior and demographics. Target Audience are the important assets for most business supremacy for decision making in making their marketing Strategy.

Some of Demographics and behavior are:

·         Location

·         Age

·         Gender

·         Employment

·         Income


Prominence of plumping your target audience:

The big flaw most of marketers makes they don’t pinpoint their target Audience. They just create content and starts peddling to any consumer.

By Pondering the needs of product or service we can find our target audience perfectly. It’s important to identify the pain point, and then determine who has those pain points. But if we know our target audience, it’s easier to find the right consumer through Keyword Research. The more peculiar you can identify your demographics, the more efficacious we can advertise. 


Delineating Target Audience:

While deciding target audience there is not any perfect formula. It makes up through some simple questions.

We are going to define it in 6 simple questions.

1.       Who are they?

The consumer who shows interest in your brand is the one who can be counted as your Target Audience. One way to find the right audience is to monitor on followers on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. But always we don’t get the audience from social media hubs, there are also customers who don’t use social media, there we can monitor their signups on our company services.


2.       What are their Interests?

What is the best for you will not always be best for our customers, we cannot judge your consumers by thinking about yourself, we have to make decision while keeping in mind interests of our consumer’s. We should not make proposal according to our own needs, instead we should think of consumers interest and make the proposal accordingly.


3.       Where do they find information they need?

As everyone knows there is lot of information out there on our fingertips by just surfing on net. So, we marketers must think on how we can make our consumers educated with our product perfectly. We can identify the channels on which consumers seats on surfs most on their free time and make information available accordingly


4.       What is the benefit of our product?

Everyone needs solution for their problems. we can think about what solution dies our product helps to the consumer out there and how we can make our product available to our consumer to make most of it.


5.       What draws their attention negatively?

Everyone one who owns the product want to make positive results, but sometimes they might evade the negative points that consumers are taking into considerations. We should also think of negative points, where consumer is thinking negative of products, where he is avoiding our product, so we can avoid that negative points and market our product accordingly.


6.       Who do they trust?

As we know that everything is this world goes with trust. We also while purchasing some product checks whether the product is trust worthy? So, we should also gain the knowledge of how to gain the trust of our consumers or what they make trust on product. Even it’s the last question we think on defining Target Audience but it’s the most important question. If we get the positive review, it’s the trust we gain from our consumer.




But knowing your target audience isn’t enough, though. It doesn’t guarantee success. You still need to create and market your content. That’s why I covered keyword research in this article as well.